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Sean Higgins

Pianist and composer, is an up-and-coming young musician known for his creative, energetic, and swinging solos full of joy, adventure, and spontaneity, paying love and respect to masters such as McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, and Kenny Kirkland, while contributing his personal experience to the jazz tradition. Higgins completed a B.M. in Jazz Performance at UNC-Wilmington, and an M.M. at Northern Illinois University (NIU), where he played in and composed for the NIU Liberace Jazztet and NIU Jazz Ensemble led by Ronald Carter. Higgins has opened for Dave Holland, Fourplay, Joe Lovano, Talib Kweli, Ryan Cohen, and Stefon Harris and Blackout.
While currently performing throughout China, Higgins also performs worldwide-recently completing successful 8-week US Jazz Ambassador tours of the Middle East and Russia with Alvin Atkinson & the Sound Merchants. He has played in many NYC clubs such as The Jazz Standard, Smoke, Dizzy’s & The Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Lenox Lounge, Shanghai Jazz, St. Nick's Pub, Minton's Playhouse. Sean was a member of the Winard Harper Sextet for 2 years and has shared the stage with Charles McPherson, Stephanie Nakasian, Al Maniscalco, Wycliffe Gordon, Fareed Haque, Bobby Watson, Terell Stafford, John Clayton, Jeff Clayton, Russell Malone, and many others. Jazz Festival performances include 2004 Iowa City, 2004 Lima Peru, 2005 Elmhurst, 2006 Vail, 2007 Tri-C, 2007 Columbus Jazz & Ribs, 2008 Cape May, 2008 Usadba-Moscow, 2008 Chelyabinsk, 2008 Vladivostok, 2009-12 Shanghai-JZ, 2014 Changsha. Sean released his debut trio album, The New Thought feat. (Iajhi Hampden-drums, Josh Ramos-bass) in 2005, his 2nd album Three Years’ Stories (Iajhi Hampden-drums, Motoki Mihara-bass) in 2008, and his latest Shanghai Decade (Nicholas McBride-drums, Ji Peng-bass) in 2018.


肖-希金斯,美国爵士钢琴家,作曲家. 毕业于美国北伊利洛伊大学 (NIU),主修爵士钢琴,并获得硕士学位. 曾多次与美国著名爵士音乐家组团世界巡演,音乐之旅遍及欧洲;美洲;亚洲等地.荣获美国埃尔姆赫斯特爵士音乐节杰出钢琴家奖及美国官方颁发的优秀爵士音乐家荣誉.参加的爵士音乐节包括2004美国衣阿华州爵士音乐节; 2004 秘鲁利马爵士音乐节; 2005 埃尔姆赫斯特爵士音乐节; 2006 威尔爵士音乐节; 2007 Tri-C爵士音乐节; 2007 哥伦布爵士音乐节; 2008 好望角爵士音乐节, 2008 莫斯科Usadba爵士音乐节; 2008 车里雅宾克爵士音乐节, 2008 海参威爵士音乐节, 2009-2012爵士上海音乐节. 受邀担任2013莫文蔚“莫后年代”20周年巡回演唱会键盘师和音乐编程师,2014陈楚生“一见如故”巡回演唱会键盘师,2015李荣浩“天生”巡回演唱会键盘师,2015莫文蔚”看看“世界巡回演唱会键盘师和音乐编程师,2016李荣浩”有理想“世界巡回演唱会键盘师,2016顺子“回家”巡回演唱会钢琴师和键盘师。2011年录制红节奏乐队专辑《浮》键盘部分,2011年录制顺子专辑《To the Top》钢琴和键盘部分,2016年录制红节奏专辑《正》键盘部分,2016年录制詹小砾专辑《爵觉》钢琴部分。2005年创作发行个人专辑 《The New Thought》 ;2008年创作发行第二张个人专辑 《Three Years’ Stories》;2018年创作发行第三张个人专辑《Shanghai Decade》。